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Knoxville, Tennessee

Philosopher's Brew is moving into fall brewing season with more all-grain batches. Cloned Brains ESB and Indoctrination Imperial Red are on tap. We're doing another round of Hedonistic Hard Cider now as well.

The kegerator and some custom tap handles Brewmaster Becca carved:

KegeratorGrit HandleWeiz Owl

If you are interested in having your own Philosopher's Brew t-shirt, they are available.  Let me know if you have any specific requests for a label on the shirt and I'm happy to hook you up.  Visit the philosopher's brew store at CafePress to buy one (sold at-cost, of course).

Hume Wee Heavy T-Shirt

What's Currently in the Fermenting Vessels & Kegs:

Vessel Current Use Notes
Left Keg Indoctrination Imperial Red 8.1% ABV (OG 1.079, FG 1.017)
Center Keg Cloned Brains ESB (all-grain) 5.4% ABV (OG 1.050, FG 1.009)
Right Keg  


Extra Keg    
5 gallon plastic bucket    
5 gallon glass carboy Hedonistic Hard Cider OG 1.050
6 gallon glass carboy Hedonistic Hard Cider OG 1.050
6.5 gallon glass carboy    

Current Brews, Ciders, & Wines:

Cloned Brains ESBIRA

Past Brews & Ciders:

Einsteinian Ein Bock (kegged 9/17/09, 7.3% ABV, OG 1.075, FG 1.019)
Hybrid Hedonistic Hard Cider (12/29/2008, OG 1.050, FG 1.003)
K'ung-fu-tzu Kriek (6.0% ABV, 10/05/2008)
Negra Modelo Clone (label & name soon, kegged 08/21/11, ABV 5.2%, OG 1.053, FG 1.013)
WTF Wheat IPA (kegged 02/12/2012, 5.6% ABV, OG 1.057, FG 1.014)

Aporetic ApricotAugustinian Amber Bertrand BitterBlack Hole IPABuddha BrownCartesian Cream AleCosmological Cherry StoutDarwin DunkelweizenFallibilist Flemish Brown Grandpa's Grit StoutHawking Honey PorterHedonistic Hard CideHume Wee HeavyHusserl HefeweizenIllumination Imperial StoutImperative IPALogos Lager LabelNietzsche Nut BrownNoumenal Northern AleOckham Old Ale Ontological OktoberfestPlatonic Pale AlePythagorean Pumpkin Ale Quietist Quadrupel Rousseau RedSartre StoutSmith Scottish Ale

Past wines:

Johannesburg Dry Riesling (12% ABV, OG 1.081, FG 0.990)
Old Vine Zinfandel (bottled 9/12/09, 13.1% ABV, OG 1.096, FG 0.993)

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